Calendar of Events

Fox Valley Chapter of WECA Events and Activities

Each year Fox Valley Chapter of WECA's Calendar offers many opportunities for continuing education including a Super Saturday Conference and Tour of Centers. Additionally, we plan an Appreciation Dinner to recognize the contribution of active members and a Planning Meeting to schedule activities for the following year.

All events except the Appreciation Dinner and Planning Meeting provide continuing education hours. FVCW/WECA members may attend all events (except Conference) for FREE; guests pay $5.00 per event.

Regular meetings are held on the third Monday of the month, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Special events like the Awards Dinner, Tour of Centers and Super Saturday Conference have individual schedules.

FVCW Calendar 2018

JAN 15
1 hour CE

"Empowering the Children you Care For" - Autumn Gill

This workshop will help you empower those who enter your program, starting with the young children you guide each and every day. Learn how to help families feel successful too, not only in their child's academic careers, but in their social and emotional relationships in and outside of your program.
Meeting cancelled due to weather.

Parent/Child Center,
1825 N Bluemound,
Room B126
FEB 19
1 hour CE

"Loose Parts; What, Why & How" - Tammy Dannhoff

Loose parts are alluring, beautiful found objects and materials that children can move, manipulate, control, and change while they play. Children can carry, combine, redesign, line up, take apart, and put loose parts back together in almost endless ways. ("Loose Parts: Inspiring Play in Young Children" by Lisa Daly & Miriam Belogvsky) Come learn more about loose parts and how to use them in an early childhood setting!
Meeting cancelled due to weather.

Early Learning Center,
2425 Industrial Dr,
MAR 19
1 hour CE

“Team Building” - Angela Stoddard

Is there an “I” in team? Of course there is! A team is made up of a bunch of “I’s”. Attend this training to experience how it feels to be part of a team, and to learn what part “I” – that is, you – play on the teams you work with. Are you the captain? Or are you the third-leg of a relay race? Do you bring creativity to the team, or maybe you bring stability to the team? Whatever role you play, your team needs you!

21 for Tots,
303 S Bluemound Dr,
APR 23
2 hrs CE

Tour of Centers - Local Child Care Centers

Enjoy a night of fun touring local childcare centers. Collect great ideas to use in your own program and discover the strengths in other programs while earing 2 Registry hours! Is there a certain center you've been dying to take a peek at? Help plan Tours and you'll get to pick which centers we visit!

Various Centers
MAY 21
1 hour CE

“Bullying” - Mary Wonderlick

We are becoming concerned about bullying as it appears to be creeping down to younger children. It is important to carefully define bullying, to be prepared with appropriate responses intended to decrease bullying and assist in the elimination of bullying behaviors. We also need to know how to talk with parents about this feared behavior and how to teach children to defend themselves from bullying.

Child Care Resource and Referral,
1001 W Kennedy Ave,
JUN 18

Appreciation Dinner - FVCW Board

Join us in celebrating your service to the children and families of our community. We'll enjoy delicious food and drinks, lively socializing, and great door prizes! While the details may change from year to year, two things that never change are our appreciation for the work you do, and the amount of fun we have together!

The Source Public House
890 Lake Park Road
JUL 16
1.5 hrs CE

“Transition Tricks" - Work & Family Consulting

This workshop examines the children’s perspectives of the schedules, routines, and transition times in their day and their value and importance in the development of children. Participants will examine fun techniques and activities to help children move smoothly between activities to prevent frustration and behavior issues.

Apple Tree Connections,
5020 N Providence Ave,
AUG 20
1 hour CE

“Job Satisfaction” - Autumn Gill

What drives you in this Early Childhood Education career? Let's take a closer look at your needs as a professional and educator. We'll explore things WE can do to reactivate our own happiness in this field, or increase the happiness we already have.

Play and Grow Learning Center,
N1673 Municipal Dr,
SEP 17

“Planning for 2019”

Your help is needed in planning the 2019 FVCW Calendar! We'll provide appetizers, you bring suggestions for continuing education topics, presenters, and meeting sites. You know what you want to learn more about - come be part of the process and help make it a great year!

Solea Mexican Grill, Appleton
OCT 15
1 hour CE

“Literacy Bags” - Stephanie Winkle

As early childhood professionals, we engage children’s brains everyday. However, we often see a disconnect between home and childcare. Parents and guardians may not know or have the resources to engage their children in early literacy at home. You can help by creating a “lending library” of literacy bags for parents to borrow. Learn how to create, maintain, and distribute literacy bags in this workshop. *Register for this meeting *

Child Care Resource and Referral,
1001 W Kennedy Ave,
NOV 17

Super Saturday

Join us for a fun day of educational presentations designed to fit into your busy life - most workshops are scheduled before noon so you can get your continuing education hours without giving up your entire Saturday. If you're not ready for the fun to end at noon, an afternoon session offers training for a small additional fee. Download the brochure and register today!

Kimberly Municipal Center,
515 W Kimberly Ave,

Other Early Childhood Events

NAEYC Affiliate Trainings

NAEYC Affiliate Groups often sponsor conferences and workshops. They are a staple of professional development and designed to be affordable and accessible. See what's available in your area through the NAEYC Affiliates page.


NAEYC Conference - November 14-17, 2018

The NAEYC Conference is the largest early childhood education conference in the world, featuring hundreds of presentations and exhibits and attended by tens of thousands of early educators. More information is available on the NAEYC Conference page.

Washington, DC

WECA Conference - October 26-27, 2018

This year WECA's Annual Conference features a keynote presentation by Lisa Guernsey, Deputy Director, Education Policy at New America. More details will be posted as they are available. Visit the WECA Conference page for more information.

Madison, WI

WECA Trainings

In addition to their Annual Conference, WECA offers a wide variety of trainings year-round, and can even customize a training to meet your needs! Visit WECA's Training page to see what's available in your area.


Week of the Young Child™ - April 16–20, 2018

NAEYC hosts this special week to celebrate early learning, young children, their teachers and families. Visit NAEYC's National Week of the Young Child page for activity ideas, resources to help plan your celebrations, FAQ, and more!


Worthy Wage Day - May 1, 2018

Worthy Wage Day is an annual day of action to honor early childhood educators and raise awareness about the need to attract and keep high-quality, effective educators. Visit the Worthy Wage Day page on the American Federation of Teachers' website for more information.