Child Advocacy

Fox Valley Chapter of WECA Advocates for Children

The Fox Valley Chapter of WECA believes that the role of early childhood educator includes speaking out for young children and their families. We support child advocacy on the local, state, and national levels and believe in the importance of working together with other early childhood professionals to provide a strong voice for children.

Local Child Advocacy

We inform our members about current child advocacy and public policy initiatives that are occurring at the local, state and national level. We encourage members to become involved in the advocacy campaigns that interest them, and guide them in doing so.

Statewide Child Advocacy

In Wisconsin, WECA advocates for our profession through legislative visits, ongoing communications and special forums. Key activities include sponsoring workforce research, and building political support for improved access to quality early childhood programs and fair compensation for early childhood teachers. We appreciate WECA's advocacy efforts and support them through participation in their Action Alerts. For more information about child advocacy opportunities in Wisconsin, please visit WECA's child advocacy page.

National Child Advocacy

NAEYC advocates in D.C. and beyond with U.S. Congressional outreach and national public awareness campaigns such as "America for Early Ed" and "Children’s Champions". Their Public Policy Forum brings early childhood professionals together to advance federal and state early childhood policy, while the Public Policy section of their website provides numerous advocacy resources. We also appreciate NAEYC's advocacy work and support it in a variety of ways as an organization and individually.